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Barbara WeathersWith a voice as melodious as it is dynamic, Barbara Weathers has established herself as a singer known for her evocative style. From a career which started at the age of 13, Barbara has consistently wowed audiences around the world.


The Greensboro, NC native was singing in church by the age of seven and quickly began honing her craft across the state with numerous local bands. It was while she was performing in North Carolina that her voice caught the ear of several major record labels. At that time, MCA Records, in particular, approached Atlantic Starr, about producing a demo for Barbara. This was her first time ever in a recording studio. The demo songs were “Secret Lovers” and “Silver Shadow”. While MCA declined her demo, management of Atlantic Starr suggested to the band that she join the group. With Barbara at the helm, the group scored hit after #1 hit…”Secret Lovers”, “If Your Heart Isn’t In It” and the perennial classic, “Always”. Though the group had a female vocalist before Barbara and after Barbara, no vocalist is as closely identified with Atlantic Starr as Barbara Weathers. Because Atlantic Starr toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S., Barbara built up an extremely loyal following and in 1989 she left the group to pursue a solo career with Warner Bros. Records. Her first project was the critically acclaimed self-titled album, Barbara Weathers, produced by Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. Her second solo album, Seeing For the Very First Time, was produced by Jeff Weber and released solely in Japan where it was a huge success selling out in a week. The album included the hit song ”Love of My Life”, produced by Maurice White and performed by Barbara in both English and Japanese.


Now she’s back and better than ever with her latest release, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Once again she has teamed up with renowned producer Jeff Weber to deliver the most intimate and personal recording of her career thus far. This recording gives the listener insight to both her spiritual and playful sides.


Barbara’s stellar voice, her stunning visual appeal, coupled with her warm, accessible personality continues to place her in constant demand for film and television soundtracks, recordings, jingles and personal appearances all over the world. For more information, contact Barbara Weathers at bweathers001@yahoo.com.

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